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The Maximus Neo, is the successor to the popular Maximus. Presenting itself as the Acoustic Signature entry level turntable, its outstanding performance far exceeds and out performs the so called flagship or reference turntables of other manufacturers, not surprisingly, leaving them far behind.


  • Tonearm: The Maximus NEO has 1 tonearm mounting position which is fully adjustable to accommodate the mounting of a 9” or 12” tonearm.
  • Platter: Its 5.8Kg, 34mm thick anodised aluminium platter rotates on a high precision diamond-coated spindle with a DTD® Dura Turn Diamond bearing. 
  • Motor: The platter is belt driven, 2 belts in total, using an integrated AC-motor with fine speed adjustment and Acoustic Signatures, AVC® Anti Vibration Control system, level 1.
  • Plinth: Its 19Kg, 30mm thick aluminium plinth greatly improves the reduction of internal vibrations.
  • Finishes: The Maximus NEO is available in a Silver or Black Satin aluminium finish.


  • Motor: 1 integrated AC-motor with integrated digital motor controller. RPM-regulated double belt drive with fine speed adjustment, Innovative motor Anti Vibration Control, AVC-system level 1 
  • Speed Range: 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM
  • Power Supply: External and extremely stable multi-voltage power supply (100 - 260 V AC)
  • Platter: Ø 300mm x 34 mm aluminium platter / 5.8 kg Platter Bearing: Ultra precise, extremely rigid and robust Dura Turn Diamond® bearing with a diamond coated spindle 
  • Tone Arm Base: For 9-inch tonearm
  • Chassis: New and 30 % larger, 30 mm massive resonance-reducing aluminium alloy chassis. 
  • Feet: 3-point setup with 3 height-adjustable special gel-damped feet
  • Finish: Black (anodised), Silver (anodised) or Bi-Colour
  • Dimensions: W 430mm x D 340mm x H 135mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Warranty: 15-year warranty (with registration)
  • 15 years warranty applies to Acoustic Signa­­ture turntables manu­fac­tured after Octo­ber 2020.
  • Product must be registered with serial num­ber and purchase infor­ma­tion no later than one month after the date of pur­chase. 
  • The regis­tra­tion pro­cess is only avai­lable on the Acoustic Signature website.


Note: Tonearm and cartridge not included. Please contact us to discuss tonearm and cartridge recommendations.


“The southern German analog specia­list presents a turn­table that has a thought-out design down to the smal­lest aspects and is manu­fac­tured exqui­sitely. The dyna­mically grip­ping and at the same time finely differen­tiated sound with compact, accu­rately ordered spatial imaging corres­ponds to the flawless finish in its finesse.” Stereo Magazine Germany

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