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The Hurricane Neo represents Acoustic Signatures entry into their multi-motor drive concept. Its dual belt, dual motor driven platter and its ability to accommodate 3 tonearms lives up to its name in terms of dynamics and performance. The combination of Acoustic Signatures advanced technologies DTD® - AVC® - CLD® plus the innovative platter silencers provide a level of performance that far exceeds the expectations of the listener, a performance that has to be heard to be believed.


  • Tonearm: The Hurricane Neo has 3 tonearm mounting plates which are fully adjustable to accommodate the mounting of 9” or 12” tone arms. 
  • Platter: Its 11Kg, 50mm thick anodised aluminium platter rotates on a high precision diamond-coated spindle with a DTD® Dura Turn Diamond bearing and is available with 8 polished Brass, Chrome or 24K gold plated vibration reducing platter silencers.
  • Motor: The platter is belt driven, 2 belts in total, utilising 2 integrated AC-motors with fine speed adjustment controlled by an external digital motor controller DMC-10 with an extremely stable multi-voltage power supply and Acoustic Signatures AVC® Anti Vibration Control system, level 1.
  • Plinth: Its 30Kg, 50mm thick aluminium plinth with CLD® Constrained Layer Damping greatly improves the reduction of internal vibrations.
  • Finishes: The Hurricane NEO is available in a Silver or Black or a combined Silver & Black anodised aluminium finish.
  • Optional Extras: Gold silencers with 24k coating. Armboard all cut out/holes. Armbase with armboard.


  • Motor: 2 integrated and completely insulated AC-motors, belt drive with fine speed adjustment, External digital motor controller DMC-10 with extremely stable multi-voltage power supply and Innovative motor Anti-Vibration Control, AVC-system level 1 
  • Speed Range: 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM. Flexible and easily placed On/Off - Speed control panel
  • Power SupplyExternal and extremely stable multi-voltage power supply (100 - 260 V AC)
  • Platter: Anodised aluminium platter (Ø 310mm x 50 mm / 11 kg). Exclusive Silencer technology for effective reduction of platter vibration utilising 8 Silencers made of polished brass, optional: 24 carat gold-plated or polished chrome finish.
  • Platter Bearing: Ultra precise, extremely rigid and robust Dura Turn Diamond® bearing with a diamond coated spindle 
  • Tone Arm BaseUp to 3 adjustable mounting boards for 9 to 12-inch tone arms.
  • Chassis: Massive 50mm aluminium alloy chassis with Constrained Layer Damping, CLD technology for significantly improved resonance control.
  • Feet: 3-point setup with 3 special gel-damped, height-adjustable aluminium feet.
  • Finish: Black (anodised), Silver (anodised) or Bi-Colour
  • Dimensions: W 450mm x D 460mm x H 175mm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Warranty: 15-year warranty (with registration)
  • 15 years warranty applies to Acoustic Signa­­ture turntables manu­fac­tured after Octo­ber 2020.
  • Product must be registered with serial num­ber and purchase infor­ma­tion no later than one month after the date of pur­chase. 
  • The regis­tra­tion pro­cess is only avai­lable on the Acoustic Signature website. 


Note: Tonearm and cartridge not included. Please contact us to discuss tonearm and cartridge recommendations.