Home Visit Service

Thinking of buying a Hifi system? 

Finding it difficult to decide? 
Confused with the acronyms and terms? 
Read the reviews, Studied the specifications, Searched the Internet and still confused? 

Do you already have a system?

Are you still searching for that utopian HiFi sound?
Auditioning various cable and component combinations?
Positioning and repositioning your speakers?
Never fully satisfied with your systems performance?

Avail of our Home Visit Service

Let us guide you through the process of purchasing or setting up a system, in the comfort of your own home.

Learn how to listen as there is far more to discover than just Bass, Mid & Hi frequencies.

Appreciate and understand the sonic differences when comparing components.

Understand how critical system setup and speaker placement is in your room.

Read what Alan Sircom of Hifi+ thinks about our service:

"Having spent a wet weekend that passes for summer trying, and largely failing, to replicate The Listening Suite’s set-up procedure, it’s clear this is a job for the professionals! The Listening Suite is more than just another suburban hi-fi store. It’s two guys who are passionate about music, offering a new way for music to sound good in the home. And it does sound good. We can all learn from this. Notionally this is something anyone could do themselves, but the level of ear-training and amount of experience David has precludes setting-up to this degree”. 

“Call in the experts”. 

Alan Sircom, Editor, Hifi Plus Magazine



Read what John Roberts of Midlands Audio Exchnage thinks of our service:

David can optimise your system to a level that any component cost won't make as much difference. He has spent 6 hours here at Midland Audio Exchange optimising a system and showing us the importance of mains power. Anyone interested in really getting the best out of their system, look no further.  The Listening Suite are here to help you achieve audio happiness.

John Roberts, Midland Audio Exchange, Uk



Read our customers experience of our service:

"The experience of dealing with David and Jonathan at the Listening Suite is impressive because the knowledge, patience and passion they have for delivering a good sound is second to none."

Michael Feeney, The Listening Suite - Customer 

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is subject to the discretion of The Listening Suite.
  • This offer is limited to a 40km radius from The Listening Suite.
  • Where the customers home is outside of the offer radius our standard home visit rates apply.
  • Where applicable, a phone meeting will be offered in lieu of a home visit.
  • This offer is limited to 2 hours but can be extended at our discretion.

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