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Signature Digital cables now benefit from an upgrade to Super ARAY geometry - developed for the flagship Sarum and ChordMusic interconnects.  They use high performance sub-miniature coaxial cables and each interconnect type has a unique Super ARAY conductor. The switch from Tuned ARAY to Super ARAY means improved performance and accuracy in detail. These cables bring a real sense of musical coherence to hi-fi systems.  The Signature Super ARAY streaming cable and Signature Super ARAY USB cable have been developed to carry digital audio signals. The Digital Super ARAY features new improved silver-plated conductors with PTFE insulation, dual layer combination high frequency effective shield, the new conductor geometry improves performance and accuracy of signal transmission. 


  • Chord Signature Digital Super ARAY uses high purity single crystal solid core signal and return conductors
  • Conductor insulation is gas-foamed polyethylene
  • Signature Digital Super ARAY cables employ a dual layer composite shield. A high-density 95% coverage braided shield
  • Soft PVC shield surround provides a high level of mechanical damping, while a hard PVC outer casing protects the cable and prevents changes to the cable’s impedance
  • Chord ultra-low mass RCA plugs feature Ultra-low mass silver-plated signal and return contacts, PTFE signal insulation block
  • Hand built by the Chord Company
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