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Clean power for hi-fi devices and whole systems with the new Epic Power cable.

Expanding the Epic cable portfolio, which sits three rungs down from the flagship ChordMusic range, the new Epic Power is a high-performance power cable featuring Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY mechanical tuning technology. Handmade in the Wiltshire factory, just outside historic Stonehenge, Epic Power benefits from high-purity, multi-strand copper conductors (with ARAY technology), PVC internal and external insulation with high mechanical damping, plus a dual-layer high-frequency-effective braid and foil combination shield.

Epic Power is finished with a high-density, vibration-damping outer jacket and is supplied with high-specification 10- or 16- amp IEC plugs.

The wider Epic cable range offers digital and analogue interconnects, loudspeaker cables, plus specialist products, including HDMI AOC, XLR and DIN cables.


  • High purity multi-strand copper conductors with unique ARAY technology
  • PVC internal and external insulation with high mechanical damping factor
  • Dual layer high frequency effective braid and foil combination shield
  • High density vibration damping outer jacket
  • UK Plug