Chord Clearway HDMI cable 5m

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The Chord Company Clearway HDMI cable takes materials and shielding to the next level, with zinc-shielded plugs, increased bandwidth and thicker high-quality copper conductors coated with a skin/foamed polyethylene insulation. Five pairs of conductors are individually internally shielded, with the overall bundle further protected by a twin aluminium foil outer screen. A worthy addition to the award-winning Clearway range.


  • HDMI CTS certification: Premium high-speed
  • Bandwidth:UHS 48GBps up to 3m / PHS 18GBps 5m
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Dynamic range: HDR
  • Operating distance: up to 10m
  • Audio performance rating (Chord Co standard): OO---
  • Primary conductors: Solid 25AWG OFC
  • Insulation: Foam-PE
  • Shielding: Braiding & AL foil
  • Cable Jacket: PVC
  • HDMI connector shell: Gold-plated copper
  • HDMI connector pins: 19-pin gold-plated copper
  • Termination: Hand soldering
  • HDMI connector backshell: PVC & zinc alloy
  • Cable diameter: 8.2mm