NEO Double Quattron Audio Rack Gloss Finish

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QUATTRON Audio rack is a combination of functionality and luxury and is designed even for larger and heavier audio components. DOUBLE QUATTRON consists of a bottom shelf fitted with six pointed tips that provide additional stability. 


All NEO QUATTRON racks are made to order. Each rack consists of a bottom shelf to which you can add additional shelves at your preferred height. The bottom shelf price is shown and as additional shelves/heights are added the price adjusts. The bottom shelf is preselected. From the options menu, select your additional shelf and its height. 


  • Internal Shelf heights: 122mm, 172mm, 222mm, 272mm and 322mm.
  • 40mm Stainless steel or Premium Black Diamond legs.
  • Each additional shelf is fitted with legs with anti-resonance spikes.
  • Supporting spikes absorb unwanted vibrations.
  • Shelves are made with 29mm thick MDF boards.
  • Standard Finishes: Walnut Gloss, White Gloss, Black Gloss. Other finishes available to order.


  • Dimensions: W1355mm x D547mm
  • Interior Dimensions: 2 x W505 x D530mm
  • Shelf material: 29mm MDF
  • Shelf heights: 98mm bottom shelf, 122mm, 172mm, 222mm, 272mm, 322mm 
  • Max weight per shelf: 70kg
  • Design: Stainless Steel or Black Diamond 40mm
  • Finishes: Walnut Gloss, Black Gloss, White Gloss, Other finishes available to order.

As all NEO products are bespoke, the images shown are examples and do not represent completed orders.