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Chords mission is to make cables that carry analogue or digital signals as accurately as possible and to ensure the real joy of musical involvement. The emotional connection, a feeling of “being there”, timbre, melody and rhythm. Most of all, the profound sense of satisfaction and wellbeing that listening to music can bring. ChordMusic’s prowess comes from a combination of advanced shielding materials, expertly engineered connectors, unique Super ARAY conductor technology and Chords exclusive Taylon® insulation. Taylon® is phase stable and that stability, combined with Chords unique Super ARAY geometry, means they can take cable performance to a completely new level.

The most advanced Chord Company analogue interconnect in the company’s history; the flagship analogue product for uncompromising signal transfer. At its heart lies the proprietary Taylon® phase-stable insulation, a specifically customised version of their unique Super ARAY conductor, plus the finest materials and craftsmanship available. Each cable is built by hand to order. 

 All ChordMusic cables are built to order.