Audiovector R 6 Signature Floorstanding Speakers

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The R 6 models are dynamic, delicate, emotionally revealing and natural sounding speakers with great attention to detail. A rock solid and easy driven speaker that brings together impressive performance with luxury and refinement.

The R 6 cabinets are assembled with thick non-resonant vacuum pressured shells and are constructed using high density hardwood (HDF) for the best possible strength and low resonance. The teardrop shape in combination with a laminated, dense, strong and heavy rear baffle further reduces unwanted cabinet resonance and avoids standing waves. When assembled, the cabinets are heavily braced internally and carefully damped with strategically positioned Nano Pore damping plates.

Audiovector engineers their drivers in-house and ask the finest Danish supplier to build them. This way they ensure that they can co-engineer their own drive units with their own crossovers to form a perfect entity. To further improve realism and depth of field, the R 6 Arreté uses a rear firing 3” midrange driver with its own dedicated crossover. The theory behind using a rear firing driver is inspired by Audiovector’s reference R 11 Arreté and R 8 Arreté. The construction also adds a perfectly measured level of midrange.

Audiovector Freedom is a new and revolutionary grounding technology, which addresses the movement induced distortion of and between the drive units in a loudspeaker.


All R 6 models (Signature, Avantgarde & Arreté) have been generously upgraded with a new internal bass system. The Audiovector Isobaric Compound Bass system (ICB) consists of 2 hand-built bass drivers, a 6.5” internal woofer and 8” external down firing woofer. The masses of the two bass drivers involved are coupled together by the trapped air in their common internal enclosure. The system ´breathes´ through a perfectly tuned bass reflex port on the front of the loudspeaker. This construction allows for deep bass, precise playback and increased dynamics in its response.

The combination of Titanium Coil Technology, large powerful ceramic ferrite magnets and rigid turbulence suppressing magnesium alloy, 3-point suspended baskets and membranes made from cross woven Aramid Composite Fibres, allows us to achieve a rich, clear and vibrant sound. All drive units are handmade in Denmark.

Audiovector’s concepts:

Individual upgrade concept A technology which gives you the option to upgrade your speakers whenever you want. You can upgrade to a higher level or if your loudspeakers are replaced with a new improved model. This means that all Audiovector speakers are future proof.

Low compression concept A technology which allows the membranes of the drivers to move freely under all kinds of demanding conditions. This means that your Audiovector speakers will stay faithful to whatever signal they are fed – no matter how loud and complicated the material.

Soundstage enhancement concept This concept allows you to choose where you want to be positioned when you listen. This technology means the soundstage stays intact, wherever you are positioned. The sound fills a room in an incredible manner, giving the listener a realistic “live sound” experience.

No energy Drive units sound best if they do not have to ‘carry’ the weight of the speaker cabinet to which they are fixed. This is a question of transient response. Inspired by the solutions from the Audiovector R 11 Arreté, Audiovector have managed to use the NES concept to achieve an even higher level of realism and open soundstage from their speakers.


  • Frequency response (in room): 28-52,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 92.5 Db/W/M
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 450 W
  • X-over frequencies: 100/350/3000 Hz
  • Principle: 3.5-way
  • Bass System: 8+6,5” Isobaric Bass System
  • Bass / Mid drivers: 6.5’’ carbon
  • Treble driver: R Evotech
  • Height / width / depth (cm): 123.4 / 27.8/ 43.1
  • Warranty: 5 Years