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JMR Jean Marie Reynaud
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The LUNNA speakers are JMR's entry level floor standing speakers. They offer a very rich and dynamic presentation which belies their compact size, ensuring an easy setup procedure and integrate easily into large or medium sized rooms, be it a classic or more modern interior design. They offer the very distinctive musical sound of JMR whilst providing the detail, weight and hi-end performance expected of them and have received the same care and attention plus optimisation attributed to the complete range of JMR speakers.


Acoustic Enclosure: The enclosure is manufactured using 19mm MDF assembled under press to guarantee the strength and rigidity of the enclosure. Rounded vertical edges on the front corners help avoid the negative effects of sharp corners on the front baffle. The tweeter is installed in an isolated internal enclosure providing total inertia and avoiding any mechanical and acoustical intermodulation with the woofer. Tuned triangular transmission line leading to a front port allows the setup and positioning of the speakers close to walls.

Velvet Felt Surround: A non reflective velvet felt surround, surrounding the woofers and tweeter, diffracts first reflections on the cabinet and improves phase, directivity and soundstage.

Woofer/Mid: The Lunna uses a 13cm driver that is manufactured under JMR specifications derived from the one used by the EUTERPE and BLISS Jubilee speakers. It uses a long fiber paper cone. The rear of the cone is treated with a coating that dampens and improves its internal balance while maintaining the universally recognised tonal qualities of paper. It has a 30mm voice coil on a vented aluminium support which provides excellent power handling with a very fast and responsive low-end. Its core uses a copper ring to equalise its impedance and significantly reduce its harmonic distortion rate. Its rubber suspension receives a damping treatment on a portion of its profile in conjunction with the cone in order to improve its operational behaviour in the midrange. It has an aluminium basket with a profile that perfectly clears the back of the cone. 

Tweeter: Brand new textile dome tweeter using a 25mm voice coil and a neodymium magnet in a small tuned cavity produces a very low resonant frequency of 650hz. It has a very wide and particularly impressive linear response curve, excellent directivity both on and off-axis. It has an injected ABS faceplate with a horn profile allowing for greater efficiency and optimisation of its directivity. This tweeter offers a very nice dynamic range and a lot of detail without harshness or fatigue, essential qualities that meet the musical specifications of a JMR loudspeaker.

Crossover: 2:2 ½ way, 6 – 12/12 dB/octave. Crossover frequencies are 300 and 2800 Hz. All of the crossover components are hand crafted, measured, matched and sorted into pairs to within a tolerance of 1%, this selection process plus the pairing of the components, enables JMR to produce perfectly matched speaker pairs.

Resistors & Capacitors: Non inductive ceramic resistors are used along with Silver capacitors which indicate the directivity of their silver foil windings.

Hand Assembly: The crossover network is assembled entirely by hand and mounted on an anti-vibration plate positioned as far as possible from any magnetic and vibratory interference. All components are soldered directly one onto the other using silver ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) soldering.

Internal Wiring: All interconnections use JMRs HP1132 silver/copper cable, soldered directly to the loudspeaker binding posts. This high end cable provides a true linear response over the entire frequency range of the speaker. It produces rich tones with an extremely high degree of resolution and transparency that lacks any harshness. WBT Block type speaker terminals allow the use of the following connectors, Spade, Banana or Bare cable.

  • Frequency Response: 40Hz to 25Khz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 40 to 160W
  • Sensitivity: 91 db/W/m (2,83V)
  • Filter Type: 2.5 way 6/12/12 db/octave
  • Connection: Mono
  • Dimensions: H 85, L 30.8, W 18.6 cm
  • Finish: Stained Cherry. Other finishes available to order
  • Weight: 18Kg