JMR Folia Jubile Standmount Speakers

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JMR established very precise requirements with regard to the development of the Folia Jubilee. It had to pair easily with with moderately powered electronics and not be restricted by positioning constraints within a room. Above all, it had to meet the long established JMR criteria of musicality and sensitivity, all within in a very reasonable budget. The FOLIA JUBILEE has lived up to JMRs demands, it has been fully optimised to further improve the performance of this small and very endearing loudspeaker system. It handles the varying tones of musical instruments and human voices with surprising ease, the mid-range is both musical and precise whilst the low end response is outstanding. With a wide sound stage and refined tone it provides hours of listening without fatigue and weariness remaining faithful to the sound philosophy of Jean Marie Reynaud’s products.


Acoustic Enclosure: The enclosure of the Folia Jubilee is manufactured using 19mm MDF assembled under press to guarantee the strength and rigidity of the enclosure. The loading system is made of two asymmetrical tuned cavities leading to a lateral event port positioned at the side of the enclosure. This very specific tuning system utilising mirrored lateral event ports allows the FOLIA JUBILEE to be positioned closer towards structural boundaries such as walls. Because there are no parallel walls in the enclosure, minimum damping material is required, preserving the speed and natural articulation of the low mid and bass frequencies. 

Velvet Felt Surround: A non reflective velvet felt surround, surrounding the woofer and tweeter, diffracts first reflections on the cabinet and improves phase, directivity and soundstage.

Woofer: 13cm paper cone woofer combined with a double magnet 25mm voice coil on a Kapton support plus a high quality rubber surround, aluminium basket, a flat decompressed spider improves the pulse response and therefore the dynamics, offering an extremely fast bass response.

Tweeter: The tweeter uses a 25mm pure silk dome with two neodymium magnets is cooled by a rear tuned cavity that lowers the resonant frequency and improves the transient damping time. A Half moon shape phase plug greatly improves the horizontal directivity and overall linearity.

Crossover: 12db/octave, Crossover frequency at 3200Hz. A Ferrite air coil with very low resistance uses 1.2mm oxygen-free pure copper winding cable for a fast, non-compressed low end frequency response. 1.2mm pure copper wire is used for the woofer along with 0.8mm pure copper wire for the tweeter. All of the crossover components are hand crafted, measured, matched and sorted into pairs to within a tolerance of 1%, this selection process plus the pairing of the components, enables JMR to produce perfectly matched speaker pairs.

Resistors & Capacitors: Non inductive ceramic resistors are used along with Silver capacitors which indicate the directivity of their silver foil windings.

Hand Assembly: The crossover network is assembled entirely by hand and mounted on an anti-vibration plate positioned as far as possible from any magnetic and vibratory interference. All components are soldered directly one onto the other using silver ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) soldering.

Internal Wiring: All interconnections use JMRs HP1132 silver/copper cable, soldered directly to the loudspeaker binding posts. This high end cable provides a true linear response over the entire frequency range of the speaker. It produces rich tones with an extremely high degree of resolution and transparency that lacks any harshness. WBT Block type speaker terminals allow the use of the following connectors, Spade, Banana or Bare cable.

Positioning: When positioning the speakers close to each other, the mirrored lateral event ports on the side of each speaker should be positioned facing away from centre. When increasing the distance between the speakers, the mirrored lateral event ports on the side of each speaker should be positioned facing towards centre.


  • Frequency Response: 60Hz to 22Khz
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 20 to 120W
  • Sensitivity: 86 db/W/m 2.83 v 
  • Filter Type: 2 way 12/18db/octave slope
  • Connection: Single Wiring 
  • Dimensions: H 43cm, W 18cm, D 23cm
  • Finish: Black Satin
  • Weight: 9Kg