Chord ClearwayX ARAY RCA to RCA Interconnect

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ClearwayX ARAY Analogue is the most affordable way to benefit from Chords recently introduced cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) dielectric. The upgraded interconnect is hand built in the UK and enjoys the latest enhanced shielding and ARAY conductor geometry.

Hand built in the UK, ClearwayX ARAY RCA features ARAY conductor geometry, heavy gauge OFC conductors, upgraded XLPE insulation and dual-layer shielding.

ClearwayX RCA is fitted with ChorAlloy™ plated Chord VEE3 RCA connectors and is available in a variety of useful lengths.

The improvements mean that the Clearway carries more musical detail. Dynamics are better, instruments and voices sound more realistic and there is better definition and clarity. The Clearway will let you get more involved with the music you listen to. 


  • High quality Oxygen Free Copper conductors (OFC)
  • ARAY technology
  • Insulated with XLPE
  • Shielding is provided by dual layer heavy gauge foil
  • VEE 3 RCA is a low mass RCA plug with direct silver-plating to improve signal transfer