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Acoustic Signature
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The Load-S - is a highly innovative design that eliminates record groove noise revealing a new level of musical performance. 

The weight helps reduce vibrations in the vinyl record caused by structural vibrations and secondary vibrations caused when the stylus tracks the records groove.

It is manufactured with Acoustic Signatures proprietary Silencer technology invented by Acoustic Signature.

The aluminium body is CNC machined for perfect alignment and balance. 

The Silencers used within the body of the LOAD-S are made of copper and absorb resonances very effectively. 

This Load-S has a total mass of 715 gram and is designed to be used with a wide range of turntables, from mid to high mass turntable designs (15 lb platter and higher).

For lighter constructions and sub-chassis players we suggest using our regular LOAD weight.

The LOAD-S is manufactured from a very high quality heat treated aluminium alloy and is available in 3 colours: Silver or black anodised. 

All versions of the LOAD-S deliver the same performance.