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JMR Jean Marie Reynaud
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The Cantabile Jubilee epitomises the sonic performance of JMR. It has been completely revised with a new crossover and improved enclosure for an updated silk dome tweeter. Although its size is ultra-compact for a floorstanding loudspeaker, the Cantabile Jubile offers a particularly spacious and deep soundstage with incredible spatial accuracy. The Cantabile remains musical: even when tasked to control very large differences in dynamics, there is no trace of projection or harshness. Transients are vivid and accurate without compromising the overall performance. The mid range retains the detail that has made this model successful since its inception, but now there is even more fluidity and separation. It presents a rich, complex impression, without a hint of extravagance. Characteristic of all JMR speakers, the Cantabile Jubile has a fast and perfectly controlled bass that never exaggerates, it remains perfectly tuned.


Acoustic Enclosure: The cabinet utilises a triangular transmission line, anti-noise front event port and is constructed using a Medite material machined to 0.75” thickness. Rounded vertical edges on the front corners help avoid the negative effects of sharp corners on the front baffle. The enclosure is assembled under press to guarantee the strength and rigidity of the enclosure. The inside of the cabinet has been coated with a viscoelastic compound which transforms vibratory energy into heat and reduces the use of absorbent foam within the cabinet improving the low to mid range frequency response. A non magnetic stainless-steel threaded rod passes from the rear of the cabinet and attaches to the rear of the woofer. The rod improves the mechanical tensioning of the woofer and makes it possible to strengthen the rigidity of the cabinet and ensures mechanical forces are uniformly distributed between the loudspeaker basket and the supporting cabinet, dramatically improving the transient response of the speaker.A maximum of 0.6kg of dry sand can be added to the lower chamber to improve the dampening of the triangular line end and to lower the centre of gravity of the enclosure  It is advisable to add the dry sand gradually and experiment with the amount applied and listen to the changes in response as you apply the sand.

Velvet Felt Surround: A non reflective velvet felt surround, surrounding the woofers and tweeter, diffracts first reflections on the cabinet and improves phase, directivity and soundstage.

Woofer: The 2 x 5.2” woofers utilise an anti-resonant Zamac, Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper alloy basket with a flat ventilated spider. The cone is a hypergraph Carbon/Kevlar cone with perfect internal dampening. An anti-vortex phase plug is used for the mid frequency driver and a soft textile central dust cap for the woofer. A peripheral surround with a very high compliance and damping rate provide a strong and firm bass response. A 1” moving coil is wound inside and outside using a kapton support. A non magnetic stainless-steel threaded rod passes from the rear of the cabinet and attaches to the rear of the woofer. The rod improves the mechanical tensioning of the woofer and makes it possible to strengthen the rigidity of the cabinet and ensure mechanical forces are uniformly distributed between the loudspeaker basket and the supporting cabinet, dramatically improving the transient response of the speaker.

Tweeter: The tweeter is a brand new 1’’ impregnated silk dome tweeter which produces a very flat frequency response and accurate dynamic range. A non ferrofluid air gap is achieved thanks to a double tuned rear chamber which ensures perfect dampening of the dome during transient attacks. With a very low frequency resonance of 700 Hz the tweeter produces extremely low distortion, typically below 0,05% between 3 kHz and 25 kHz. A front horn machined using aluminium optimises the directivity and due to its light weight provides a perfect mechanical reference. The tweeter uses a solid beech wood enclosure and is fixed to the lower cabinet by an oblong shaped brace which is bolted at three points to the cabinet in order to avoid any micro displacement. Its position has been optimised in both height and depth to obtain a perfect and precise dynamic phasing at the crossover points of the upper mid and low bass drivers.

Crossover: 6, 6 and 12 dB/octave 1st and second order. The Crossover frequencies are 600Hz and 3000 Hz. A Ferrite air coil with very low resistance uses 1.5mm oxygen-free pure copper winding cable for a fast and non-compressed low end frequency response. All of the crossover components are hand crafted, measured, matched and sorted into pairs to within a tolerance of 1%, this selection process plus the pairing of the components, enables JMR to produce perfectly matched speaker pairs. The bass / midrange and tweeter crossover units are separated and acoustically shielded from each other in order to avoid intermodulation of the components as much as possible.

Resistors & Capacitors: Non inductive ceramic resistors are used along with Silver capacitors which indicate the directivity of their silver foil windings.

Hand Assembly: The crossover network is assembled entirely by hand and mounted on an anti-vibration plate positioned as far as possible from any magnetic and vibratory interference. The assembly is housed in a separate cavity at the bottom of the cabinet and shielded using bitumen to avoid any vibratory transmission to the components and minimise microphonic effects and intermodulation. All components are soldered directly one onto the other using silver ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) soldering.

Internal Wiring: All interconnections use JMRs HP1132 silver/copper cable, soldered directly to the loudspeaker binding posts. This high end cable provides a true linear response over the entire frequency range of the speaker. It produces rich tones with an extremely high degree of resolution and transparency that lacks any harshness. 


  • Frequency Response: 35Hz to 25kHz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 90 to 170W 
  • Sensitivity: 91db/W/m (2,83V)
  • Filter Type: 2,5 way: 6 - 6 - 12 db/ Octave Slope
  • Connection: Mono & Bi-wire
  • Dimensions: H 108, D 20, W 30 cm
  • Finish: Stained Cherry. Other finishes available to order
  • Weight: 25Kg