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The Abscisse Jubilee has been developed with the primary objective of creating a near full range speaker system in a compact form that can be installed in moderate sized rooms with the minimum of positioning constraints. Its overall frequency response is excellent with an openly clear and delicate midrange, natural treble and finely detailed tone. Transients and fine dynamics are reproduced with extreme accuracy, due to its excellent linearity, impulse response and dampening time. It offers a very impressive extension in its low end frequency response that is both articulate and dynamic.


Acoustic Enclosure: The cabinet utilises a triangular transmission line, anti-noise front event port and is constructed using 19mm MDF assembled under press to guarantee the strength and rigidity of the enclosure. The inside of the cabinet has been coated with a viscoelastic compound which transforms vibratory energy into heat and reduces the use of absorbent foam within the cabinet improving the low to mid range frequency response.  A non magnetic stainless-steel threaded rod passes from the rear of the cabinet and attaches to the rear of the woofer. The rod improves the mechanical tensioning of the woofer and makes it possible to strengthen the rigidity of the cabinet and ensures mechanical forces are uniformly distributed between the loudspeaker basket and the supporting cabinet, dramatically improving the transient response of the speaker. The partially unbaffled tweeter is fixed and decoupled from the speakers cabinet thanks to a dampening gasket. The profile of the enclosure holding the tweeter has been revised and softened. Rounded vertical edges on the front corners help avoid the negative effects of sharp corners on the front baffle. A damping bitumen seal is applied to the base of the cabinet to decouple the cabinet from its supporting base plinth.

Velvet Felt Surround: A non reflective velvet felt surround, surrounding the woofer and tweeter, diffracts first reflections on the cabinet and improves phase, directivity and soundstage.

Woofer: The Abscisse uses two 14cm low-mid-range drivers using ultra-rigid aluminium baskets. They both use a new cone technology resulting in what is described as a "finished" or pure cones with a Gaussian profile. The cones are not pierced by the 38mm voice coils that animate them. Their cores use copper rings to equalise impedance and significantly reduce the harmonic distortion rate. Their suspensions is made from a rubber and foam compound which has an optimised profile in order to obtain a very fast response time when subjected to extreme variations in the low and mid frequencies. 

Tweeter: The Abcisse uses an Aurum Cantus, ATS - Aero Striction Ribbon Tweeter which is extremely natural sounding. It consists of a pleated diaphragm 25mm wide by 60 mm high, whose silicone support is covered with a very fine film of extremely light, low-mass avionics type aluminium, that is carefully folded and surrounded by two very strong neodymium magnets which produce a highly saturated magnetic field. It is partially covered with a very fine acoustic foam in order to control first reflections around its diaphragm and thus to limit off axis phasing. Unlike a traditional ribbon tweeter which pushes the air in front of it, the Aero Striction tweeter pinches the air between its folds and expels it with a dynamic and velocity far greater than a traditional ribbon tweeter, making it much faster and above all much less fragile, offering very high-power handling and a distortion rate far lower than any other ribbon diaphragm. Its linear frequency response and low horizontal directivity offers exceptional performance in the higher frequency range. 

Crossover: 2 and 1/2 way, The slopes are 6db / octave at 350hz and 12db At 2800hz. The bass / midrange and tweeter crossover units are separated and acoustically shielded from each other in order to avoid intermodulation of the components as much as possible. All of the crossover components are hand crafted, measured, matched and sorted into pairs to within a tolerance of 1%, this selection process plus the pairing of the components, enables JMR to produce perfectly matched speaker pairs.

Resistors & Capacitors: Non inductive ceramic resistors are used along with Silver capacitors which indicate the directivity of their silver foil windings.

Hand Assembly: The crossover network is assembled entirely by hand and mounted on an anti-vibration plate positioned as far as possible from any magnetic and vibratory interference. The assembly is shielded using bitumen to avoid any vibratory transmission to the components and minimise microphonic effects and intermodulation. All components are soldered directly one onto the other using silver ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) soldering.

Internal Wiring: All interconnections use JMRs HP1132 silver/copper cable, soldered directly to the loudspeaker binding posts. This high end cable provides a true linear response over the entire frequency range of the speaker. It produces rich tones with an extremely high degree of resolution and transparency that lacks any harshness.

  • Frequency Response: 35 to 28khz 
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 40 to 250W
  • Sensitivity: 89db/W/m (2,83V)
  • Filter Type: 6/12db/12db/Octave crossover frequency 350hz and 2800hz
  • Connection: Mono & Bi-wire
  • Dimensions: L :20cm P : 30cm H : 115cm
  • Finish: Anthracite Grey. Other finishes available to order by email
  • Weight: 30Kg