Improve my Hifi

Buying a Hifi?

  • Finding it difficult to decide? 
  • Confused with the acronyms and terms? 
  • Read the reviews, Studied the specs, Searched the Internet and still confused?

Let us help guide you through the process 

Already have a system?

  • Are you continuously searching for that utopian HiFi sound?
  • Auditioning various cable and component combinations?
  • Positioning and repositioning your speakers?
  • Never fully satisfied with your systems performance?

Avail of Our Improve My Hifi - Home Visit Service

Learn how to listen

Appreciate and understand the sonic differences when comparing components/ You’ll be surprised how critical, speaker placement in your room really is.

As well as you visiting us, we can visit you at home

Email or Call to:

  • Arrange a consultation, system setup & tuning  
  • Audition a component or cables in your system in your home 

Recent Customers Quotes:

Read about the revealing results obtained by customers who have availed of our  

Improve My Hifi - Home Visit Service 

"The experience of dealing with David and Jonathan at the Listening Suite is impressive because the knowledge, patience and passion they have for delivering a good sound is second to none."

"It was like a 10k upgrade. These guys are good. For anyone serious about their hifi, this is a no-brainer."

"It was great. It's certainly a big differentiator in the service that you can bring."


Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is subject to the discretion of The Listening Suite.
  • This offer is limited to a 40km radius from The Listening Suite.
  • Where the customers home is outside of the offer radius our standard home visit rates apply.
  • Where applicable, a phone meeting will be offered in lieu of a home visit.
  • This offer is limited to 2 hours but can be extended at our discretion.