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The Custom Design Wall Mounted Bracket Acoustic 1 (WMB 1) is hand built and is available in Black finish. The WMB 1 provides an alternative solution for those who have specific isolation requirements for Turntables, CD or DVD players.

Designed with M8 spikes for the ultimate in isolation, the steel frame is discrete but strong. The almost fully welded support is capable of supporting 20Kg without compromise; the limiting factor is the type of wall and fixings used.

The Clear or Black glass shelf is isolated by the M8 spikes which supports an iRAP, isolation-resonance-absorbing-platform. The energy dampening efficient constrained layer system with its viscoelastic properties coverts resonance to negligible heat, this gives you greater separation, staging and clarity to the bass compared with the glass shelving only.

The glass shelves are available in Clear or Black finish, manufactured and toughened to British Safety Standards EN 12105-02.

Clear or Black Glass shelf 465mm x 365mm x 6mm

Bracket dimensions: height 225mm x depth 435mm x width 445mm.