Custom Design RS304 Reference Speaker Stands

Custom Design
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The RS 304 Speaker Stands are a modern and practical design with aesthetic appeal. The multi award winning RS 300 speaker stand support range have significant initial mass and final mass properties. When combined with inert Acoustic Top and Base plates the reduction in resonance vibration noise is significant, resulting in an improved performance and sound quality. 

The polymers viscoelastic properties convert kinetic energy to negligible heat. By converting resonance noise vibrations the true performance of your speakers can be heard. The Inert Acoustic Steel 5mm high mass base plates are available in Mercury or Black.


  • RS 304 Speaker Stands are supplied with Acoustic Inert Top and Base Plates and 2 boxes of Inert Filler as standard.
  • Top Supports are 190 x 210 x 4mm - custom sizes available
  • Acoustic Base plate dimensions 220 x 260mm x 5mm
  • Base plate available in Mercury or Black finish or 8mm Clear Glass toughened and polished to EN 12150-2
  • M8 Zinc plated base isolation spikes supplied standard.
  • Available heights 510mm (20") and 610mm (24")
  • Standard finishes are Mercury or Black