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All of the RS 204 Speaker Stand Range are manufactured by the craftsmen at Custom Design. The hand made and finished design include Mercury or Black as standard. When combined with M8 fixing bolts top and bottom the RS 204 provide a very rigidity platform for stand mounted speakers.

Hand polished 4mm top and 6mm base steel plates ( or 8mm Clear Glass base plates) reflect the intentions of Custom Designs integrity towards speaker stand design and quality. The 50mm diameter support columns have the same attention to detail and quality that Custom Design wishes to provide all of our customers.

The RS 204 Speaker Stand Range steel columns can be mass loaded to maximise performance. Available with 4 point, M8 Isolation base spikes and 6mm steel base plate as standard. The RS 204 Range introduce a new format to the Custom Design RS 200 Specialist Speaker Stand range, a Quad column design.

Standard finishes include Mercury or Black 

Top support 165mm x 180mm x 4mm - Acoustic Top plate Standard

Base Plate 220 x 260 x 6mm Steel or 8mm Clear Glass as standard

RS 204 - 510mm (20"), 610mm (24") in Mercury or Black finish