Custom Design Milan Reference 10 Plasma 3 Shelf Furniture Rack

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The Milan Reference 10 Plasma 3 Shelf Furniture Rack

The Milan Reference 10 Plasma 3 Shelf Furniture Rack comes with 3 shelves each 150mm high as standard. 

Wood Finish and Glass Colour options:

Glass Shelves

Glass Colour: Clear or Black glass

Glass Thickness: Toughened 10mm glass with polished edges manufactured to standard EN 12105-02.

Maximum weight per shelf 50Kg

Wood Finishes - (See Wood Finishes and Shelf Heights Image)

Standard Wood Finishes include: Black, White, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany.

Note: Walnut carries an additional premium

Shelf Heights - (See Wood Finishes and Shelf Heights Image)

Standard Shelf Height - 150mm

Note: We recommend using the standard 150mm shelf height or above to allow the use of any anti vibration supports placed under your equipment.

If you require alternative shelf heights, the following heights are available - 110mm - 200mm - 250mm - 350mm 

Please contact us with any custom height requests.


The 200mm and 250mm spacing are manufactured from one piece of solid hardwood 

which has been specially selected for Custom Design, these sizes of real hardwood are rare. 

The 350mm spacing can not be supplied as a single piece of hardwood, 

therefore the 350mm spacing are manufactured from 2 pieces of selected hardwood, 

CNC machined as one piece and matched to the best of our ability for our customers satisfaction

Solid Wood Side Supports

The wood side supports are manufactured from TTF or FSC solid hardwoods including Oak, Walnut and Ash. 

They are sourced from professionally managed and sustainable forests, where more trees were planted than harvested in the last 30 years. 

Card Board Packaging

Custom Design sources all its cardboard packaging from PEFC or FSC certified companies. 

76% of the cardboard packaging has been manufactured from recycled material, which is 100% recyclable.

Dimensions (See Specs Image)

Height 480mm x Width 1015mm x Depth 400mm

Usable Shelf Space: Inner Width 925mm x Depth 400mm