by Jonathan Ford

Since we brought the new series from Primare into the store last year, options for customers have opened up. Craftmanship, affordability and choice are three words that define Primare. As they say themselves; Lagom (“laah-goam”). It is the Swedish word that means “just the right amount.” Not too much. Not too little. Everything in perfect balance, harmony, and proportion and this comes with Primare.

There is a level of quiet sophistication that Primare do, and this comes through their entire range. We have their entry level I15 MM Integrated Amplifier, I35 Prisma Integrated Amplifier Music Streamer, NP5 Music Streamer and CD35 Prisma CD Player & Music Streamer available to demo in store or at home.

We highly recommend Primare to be your next upgrade. Contact us to book an appointment.