Dynaudio Music - Wireless Speaker Systems

by Jonathan Ford

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Dynaudio Music, the intelligent wireless music system that automatically adapts to your room, your lifestyle and even your musical tastes.

The key features we love about Dynaudio Music:

These speakers sound really good. It is this simple. 

You can stream music from your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

You get 9 Months Free Tidal Music Streaming Service, worth €180

Dynaudio Music allow you connect wirelessly via Wifi, Bluetooth plus DLNA / UPnP and connect wired via USB / Aux Line In. Optical & HDMI (Music 7).

Dynaudio Music has software called RoomAdapt, your Music adapts its sound to suit its room location, and it works.

You can group your speakers together for multi room listening or create a Stereo Pair.

Dynaudio Music are available in 4 colour: Light Grey - Dark Grey - Red - Blue

Finally a wireless speaker system worth listening to! 

Experience in store.